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Repurposed Antiviral Drugs for Covid-19 — Interim WHO Solidarity Trial Results

Disclosure forms The full text of this article is available on provided by the authors.

Members of the writing and steering committees are: Hongchao Pan, PhD, Richard Peto, FRS, Ana-Maria Henao-Restrepo, MD, Marie-Pierre Preziosi, PhD, resident Sathyamurthy, PhD. ., Quaraisha Abdul Karim, PhD, Marissa M. Alejandria, MD, Cesare Hernández Garcia, PhD, Marie-Poule Keaney, PhD, Reza Sheikhogadeh, MD, Srinivas Murthy, MD, Kay. Srinath Reddy, MD, Mirta Roses Periago, MD, Pierre Abi Hanna, MD, Florence Eder, PhD, Abdullah M. Al-Bedar, PhD, Almother Alhasawi, MD, Emil Allam, MMath, Athari. Ellotaby, M.Sc., Carlos A. Alvarez-Moreno, PhD, Sheila Appadu, MPH, Abdullah Asiri, MB, BS, Pal Auqurest, PhD, Andreas Barrett-Deed, PhD, Sameer Bellani, B.Sc., Matia Branca, Ph.D., Heike BC Capel-Porter, m. Math, Neri Serato, MD, Ting S. Chow, MD, Najada Como, PhD, Joe Lustace, b. .Ch., MHS, Patricia J. Garcia, Ph.D., Sheila Godbole, MB, BS, Eduardo Götzow, MD, Laimonas Griskevicius, Ph.D., Rasha Hamra, Pharm.D, Maryam Hasan, MB, BS. , Mohammad Hasani, MD, Davey D. Hutton, B.Sc., Irmensa Irmenshah, MD, Ligita Janchorine, PhD, Jan Kiran, MA, Suresh Kumar, MB, BS, Peter Lennon, BBS, Gustavo Lopardo, MD, Patrick Liddon, M.Sc. , Nicola Magrini, MD, Teresa Maguire, PhD, Suzana Manavska, MD, Oriole Manuel, MD, Sibyl Magini, PhD, Marco T. Medina, MD, Maria L. Mesa Rubio, MD, Maria C. Miranda-Montoya, MD, Jeremy Nell, MB, Ch.B., Estevao P. Nunes, PhD, Marcus Perola, PhD, Antonio Portolas, PhD, Menaldi R. Rasmin, MD, Aun Raza, MD, Helen Rees, MRCGP, Paula PS Reges, MD, Chris A. Rogers, PhD, Kolawole Salami, MD, Marina I. Salvadori, MD, Narvina Sinani, FRD., Jonathan AC Stern, PH. .D., Milina Stavanowicz, PhD, Evelina Tacconelli, PhD, Kari A O Tikkinen, PhD, Sven Trail, MD, Hal Zaid, PhD, John-Arne Rottingen, PhD. , And Soumya Swaminathan, MD

The preparation, revision and submission of the manuscript was regulated by the World Health Organization (WHO) trial team and writing committee. Any views expressed are those of the writing committee, not necessarily those of the WHO. Any funder or donor unexpectedly affected by the analysis, preparation of the manuscript, or submission; His comments are not merely changing explicit methods, analysis or conclusions. The main results were shown in the last week of September to donors of test drugs for their medication.

This article was published on December 2, 2020 on

a Data sharing statement The full text of this article is available at provided by the authors.

We thank the thousands of patients and their families who participated in this trial and the hundreds of medical staff who randomly assigned and cared for them. The Ministry of Health of the participating Member States and the National Institutes of Health provided significant assistance in trial implementation. Castor EDC’s Durk Arts donated and managed Castor’s cloud-based clinical data capture and management system, with the trial’s findings blinded. Anonymous data handling or analysis was done at the Universities of Bristol, Bristol and Oxford. Nicholas J. White and colleagues provided unpublished data on the pharmacokinetic characteristics of hydroxychloroquine to help WHO select, members of the Discovery Data and Safety Monitoring Committee investigators for the randomized evaluation of clinical variables, Kovid-19 therapy (RECOVERY) Shared. ) Test shared log-rank data, investigators from the Adaptive Kovid-19 Treatment Trial (ACTT-1) shared the subgroup hazard ratio, and Bin Cao shared details of the Wuhan test. Collaborators, committee members, data analysts, and data management systems incur no cost.

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