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iBall Winner Soft Keys Water Resistant Wired Keyboard (Black)

Price: ₹ 599.00 - ₹ 399.00
(as of Dec 07,2020 00:52:10 UTC – Details)

The ergonomic design of Winner Keyboard helps you keep your hand in a relaxed position for fast typing. The USB interface lets you simply plug and use. Switches on the keyboard are so durable that life of a switch is about 10 million life cycles. A water resistant design gives you the serenity to not worry about spilling water on it. You can type with ease now as the Enter and Spacebar are big enough to match your typing speed. A quick accessible ₹ symbol saves time and a small reminder on the keyboard in red to remind you of who really matters, yourself.

Soft feel keys that makes typing fun
Sealed with membrane sheet for a greater reliability
An elegant water resistant design
Extra big Enter and Spacebar key for a comfortable and swift experience
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