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Simmtronics 4GB DDR3 Laptop RAM 1333 MHz (PC 10600) with 3 Year Warranty

Price: ₹ 3,100.00 - ₹ 1,625.00
(as of Nov 30,2020 12:52:09 UTC – Details)

Simmtronics presents you with the best DDR3 RAMs for Laptop in different storage capacities ranging from 4 to 16 GB. These RAMs are designed with advanced technological trends and the latest architecture design to enhance the performance of your Laptop. These RAMs are super fast, running at higher frequencies, and consume less power compared to other RAMs. Simmtronics provide you a great shopping experience, rapid delivery, and best warranty support. Buy this 4 GB RAM from Simmtronics to play heavy-duty games and execute video processing tasks smoothly. It is the best memory module to do multitasking at blazing fast speed. With this 4 GB DDR3 RAM, you can improve the computing power of your Laptop Simmtronics offers 3 years of warranty on this 4 GB DDR3 RAM which is clear evidence for the reliability of the product. Grab your best deal by purchasing Simmtronics 4 GB DDR3 RAM for Laptop today.

Power Saving: This DDR3 RAM is designed with new technology and improved architecture to reduce power consumption.
Minimum Heat Generation: This 4 GB DDR3 Laptop RAM draws less power and produces less heat to make your laptop cooler and efficient.
Super Fast Speed: It offers super-fast transition speed and load speed which enhances the performance of the laptop.
3 Years Warranty: Simmtronics provide 3 years of warranty on this 4 GB DDR3 RAM for laptop.


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